OnGoing #ENDSARSNOW Protest in Nigeria (Awka Region)

OnGoing #ENDSARSNOW Protest in Nigeria (Awka Region)

OnGoing #ENDSARSNOW Protest in Nigeria (Awka Region)

#ENDSARSNOW Protest is ongoing In Nigeria now Anambra state (Awka).

In Nigeria, young vibrant and hardworking youths are in constant fear of SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squad).

These nefarious group whose constitutional duty is to be specially deployed to combat Armed robbers and kidnappers, have now turned to hunt civilians extorting, raping, beating and even to the extent of killing innocent youths.

The Youths of the federal republic of Nigeria who have always complained of bad governance and other societal issues affecting the average citizens are now fed up with the government. Protests are going on in various states of the country while online protests with the inscription #ENDSARS is trending worldwide, stating clear facts of their need for the government to totally scrap the SARS unit of the police force and also demand total reformation of the police force.

One of these places where the protests are hugely organized and carried out in the country is in Awka, the capital city of Anambra state. Youths are seen marching along the streets straight to Anambra State Commissioner of Police Office with banners and posters pointing out the seriousness of the atrocities of the rogue unit (SARS) and demanding an end to the menace of the SARS..

Watch Commissioner of Police Anambra Sate addressing the Youths

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OnGoing #ENDSARSNOW Protest in Nigeria (Awka Region). We Must be heard.